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San Marino

Andy Lanceley @aileeds

Why is this in the South American section?

Kev Cave @kevcave07

@andygoldstein05 I had a mate that supported Liverpool back when they won the league, 1990? Then pompey and now he's a man utd fan. Just wrong!

John Hall @hobgoblin82

Zzzzzzzz wake up check score go back to sleep zzzzzzzzzZ .

Jez Thompson @sargesyapper

England are playing some crass football. SM have eleven behind the ball - you ain't gonna walk it in, try different tactics which I am sure were discussed prior to KO? Townsend had the right idea!

Paul Murphy @murpher10

How is Townsend even in the squad?

Stuart Fletcher @sdfletcher31

Sowwy woy your not the man fow the job!

Stuart Fletcher @sdfletcher31

My god England your bloody rubbish any decent team would be smashing these

Matt @gunner81

Are there any real San Marino fans on here?

El Elliot @eelliot

Scenes if San Marino scores

AVFC__FAN @avfcfan

What is the point in calling up Clyne if youre going to play the emergency call up?? Surely should have picked Chambers from start?

AVFC__FAN @avfcfan

Phil J is in the England team while at club level is at the heart of the worst defence this season. Yet no Baker?

John Rimmer @lesliejl

Let's have a break ITV

Julian Roberts @julzinho22

If any Gooners get injured tonight I will not be happy. I just know it will happen, probably Gibbs or Wilshere

mark quinn @markquinn1

Why are U2 on the adverts?

Sam Freedman @sdhf25

San Marino was founded in 301 AD and is the 3rd smallest country in Europe.

Gaffa @gaffa84

4 arsenal players tonight! How many will get injured??

Dale Greening @dgreening

I didn't think San Marino had the sports yapper haha

Faith In Poyet @ramsey72

Ok that fell on deaf's like trying to contact aliens this...Please tell me one good thing about your country and don't say it has grass and trees!

Faith In Poyet @ramsey72

By have got to say it sounds like the whole of San Marino is buzzing for this game. Surely you have at least 1 fan with wifi and sports yapper!

Joshua Paterson @pongo06

6.5 goals or more tonight! Worth a tenner at 5/6?

Jason Head @jhead

England should smash these there all part timers apart from two so we will show them how it's done

Wayne Dalton @dolly43

Predictions for tonight boys and girls?

Michael Thomas @mthomas01

I bow down to the might of support towards San Marino on here!!!

George Sams @gunnersgjs08

Y no World Cup San Marino?

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