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Brandt Rhodes @brhodes07

Cant wait for the spring game this weekend, see what LSU have for us this season!

Steven Guillory @sguillz

LSU has no business losing to Notre Dame.

Zach Berman @thezbberman

Did Mark Jones just quote "Tuesday?"

Kaveh Nowroozi @kavehnowroozi

Fournette is such a stud. He's going to be trouble for sec defenses the next couple years

DJ Perkins @djperkins

Can this Fournette character get on my fantasy team next year?

Richard King @seminole1fan

Closer then it shoulda been for LSU

Richard King @seminole1fan

Alabama....the new auburn...lucky ducks!

Jack McGok @jackmcgok

Bad play calling there, should have just got the 1st down

Keith Jones @keithjones

Les Miles Blew game this is why you go for 7 instead of 3.

Briá @breezybria

Call that white on white crime

Keith Jones @keithjones

You better triple team Cooper

Keith Jones @keithjones

Mistake one. Smh. can't kick it out of bounds

Ben Aitkenhead @benaitkenhead

College kids man.....never over.

Ben Aitkenhead @benaitkenhead

So this game is basically a FG competition now. Either LSU kicks one to win it, or it's OT and more FG kicking. No one can move on the other's D.

Keith Jones @keithjones

You can't leave this game in the hands of a field goal kicker be aggressive

Ben Aitkenhead @benaitkenhead

Oh boy. Alabama gonna lose two?!

Ben Aitkenhead @benaitkenhead

Massive special teams moment there. But still see OT and FG kicking competition.

Ben Aitkenhead @benaitkenhead

Finding it hard to imagine Alabama with 2 losses.

Scott Kaiser @skaiser

LSU's Defense is on point. I smell an upset coming.

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