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Mark Spelman @spelski

You'll be hard pressed to find a better team than Belguim at France 16. Liquid football

Ben @benf

Any Danish Chelsea fans on SY yet ???

Steve Davey @sdavey

@saffiex hey huny, Derek has asked me to tell you to not get involved with that muppet, and let him sort it xx

Marcus Jensen @mjensen0

Bendtner er faktisk god, når han spiller for landsholdet.

Marcus Jensen @mjensen0

But we have bendtner.....

Magnus Theodor Hampen Storgaard @mths2709

Holland 3 - 0 Australien Spanien 2 - 1 Chile Cameroun 0 - 1 Kroatien ;)

Mads Strack Hansen @strack9

Are you ready to be zenzyg forever?

Torb Shaw @torbshaw

Liverpool will lose 3:0 tonight, haha jokes. #ewanmurray

Torb Shaw @torbshaw

You know what I'm really disappointed that Denmark aren't in the World Cup, what a shame #disgrace

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