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Marty Russell @martyrussell

Block in the back? Haha they got the TD anyway

Brando Tweten @tweter

Tough loss for the gophers today

Sussexexile @scot62

Matic just everywhere - some player!!!

Jake @nobeernogain

Looking good Minnesota.

Brando Tweten @tweter

Tough loss for Minnesota

Brando Tweten @tweter

I think the gophers have a good team this year

Chris Szymański @chrisp17

Lets make it happen tonight Gophers. Ski-U-Mah!

Scott Glieden @sglieden21

Finish em off gophers!!! SKI-U-MAH

SteelcityB_  @steelcityb_

Coach Kill got a wrestling name lol #Minn

Chris Szymański @chrisp17

Well I was completely wrong...heck of a win Gophers! Bowl Bound!

Daniel Hall @danielhall

This game is more than I expected after the first Nebraska TD. Go Gophers !!

Chris Szymański @chrisp17

I had hope the Gophers could compete...but Nebraska looked way too good during that first drive

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