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Joe 1Love @jcavazosiii

What's the deal with J. Lamb? Playing today or what?

ΜΟΛΏΝ ΛΑΒΈ @nyrangersfan

Image The Cubs are too old for this -

Jake @nobeernogain

I say the dbacks get 77 wins

Jacob Sure @bajanbacca2

The Diamondbacks suck this year, hope they win their last game

Stephen Dobek @stevedobek

The worst injury ive had on my fantasy team this year was losing Goldy.

Marty Russell @martyrussell

Nice series, it's a shame Sundays game was decided by the umps and not the play of the players, clearly interference

Chris Willcox @bogcleaner

Come on Diamondbacks this is your inning!

Ella Jaks @ellla51

Keep it going let's go.

Ella Jaks @ellla51

No one here what a same. Go DBs

Tom Johnson @tj

No fans just like the rest of Arizona's teams #pathetic

Stephen Dobek @stevedobek

At the all-star break, the Diamond-Backs are in last place. Hahahhahahha lol

Stephen Dobek @stevedobek

Congrats Miguel Montero making the all-star team.

#CoryBKnows @corybknows

Congrats Tony La Russa for pulling a Phil Jackson on the Arizona Diamondbacks...

#CoryBKnows @corybknows

Damn Oliver Perez has some weird wet substance on his left arm. The umpires are making him change his outfit in the middle of the inning. #*******************

Jake Velez @nobeernogain

explain to me how a team can start spring training on feb. 6 and be the worst team right now

Nick LePage @lepagenick

Goldshmidt wont win back to back

Stephen Dobek @supersteve21

How did the diamondbacks finish last year?

Ryan Olsen @ryanolsen

I love what the D Backs did drafting Cory Hahn in the 34th round today. Very classy move by Arizona.

Daniel Hall @danielhall

Tuning in from London : Let's go Dbacks

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