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Dr Dutch @jmorrison

Got the chaps round for the game

Sam Gossage @samgossage

Come on Croatia!!!! Beat those Italians!!

Dan Sanderson @danthaiwang

Let's go Croatia. You're better than them!

Davor Jovic @daavor4

Croatia will win a cup one day maybe euro 2016

Abdi @abdi

When will England win a world cup

Mike Andrew @mike11andrew

So basically Liverpool are signing anyone remotely decent from Southampton then. Lallana. Lambert and now possibly lovrens.. Oh they must begin with L as well....

mike James @nascarmike22

One day Croatia will win the World Cup. Euro 2016. France easy group

Patrick Kavanagh @patchkav6

Who went off??? watching Brazil

Gerard @gerardgrimes11

Perisic! Goal back for Croatia, trail 3-1. Great goal.

Sebastian Jofre @sjofre

Mexico can't save themselves from The Netherlands now

Alex Davis @adavis

1 more goal to top the group..

Patrick Kavanagh @patchkav6

Goodbye Croatia... We'll done to get to the World Cup. Unlucky Luka Modric at least you won the champs league and rakitic has eon the Europa league and also mandzukic has won the bundesliga.

Lates @latedog

Come on Roy get on it like Mexico manager

Sebastian Jofre @sjofre

Well, it would end up being Netherlands vs Mexico, right?

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