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Kerra D @kerrad

PK doesn't stand for Penalty Killer today!

Mike Nissan @mnissan22

And Subban should be suspended for being Subban

Mike Nissan @mnissan22

Prust should be suspended for that spear

Kerra D @kerrad

This is an awesome score!

Geordie Highlander @geordie4ever1

Wow, I'm a neutral here but what a game. I think there have only been 3 whistles with 12 mins gone in the 3rd. Great advert for the playoffs. Keep it going Sens as I hate them Canadiens

Mike Nissan @mnissan22

What?? No Hamburgler

Brian Morgan @lamphere55

Ig the people of Canada don't use this

Mark Schwantes @tonyo35

Wow! Lost his sh** on that one. Stick it to 'em Sens

Roberto Bia***** @RJB33

What a fan base. One of the hottest teams down the stretch. No one.

Mr.Charlie @ranger11

Come on Sens. Lets get going here!

Lynn Elizabeth @toughrun215

As a Flyers fan, I'm ok with tanking Saturday to give you the win. #FuckPittsburgh

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