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Jack McGok @jackmcgok

To take out the rangers

John Mitchell @johnmitchell

The cats are on the prowl!!!!

Ric FTL @cardiaccats74

Ok, yall going to the BBT, YOU HAVE TO BE XTRA LOUD TONIGHT AGAINST BRUINS! You must stand up and jump for every great play. This is a playoff game and you must treat as so!! Do it for these kids who are playing their brains out this year! They deserve a good home stand! Go-Cats-Go, Go-Cats-Go...🐀

Liz Rocca @hawks1988

Your team is a piece of ****

John Bonare @johnbonare

Wasn't even a hit to the head it looks like he caught him in the collar bone an shoulder

Andrey S @bleedblue77

Good job on those scrubs!

Andrey S @bleedblue77

Let's go Panthers! I know Panthers would like some fishsticks for dinner, yummy!

Mike Slater @mfslater

Let the stream of Canadian teams keep rolling in so we can knock'em down. Let's go Cats!

Scott Kaiser @skaiser

Kulikov seriously needs to wake up!

Scott Kaiser @skaiser

Replays don't lie! *********!!!

Mike Slater @mfslater

Rangers have succeeded on the play of Lundqvist. Beat him and you beat the Rangers. C'mon Cats! Do it!

Mike Slater @mfslater

These ain't your dad's Florida Panthers. These guys are nasty and I love it!

John Murdoch @oomurdochoo

What's your thoughts on the outcome was thinking of putting £20 on the Panthers money line

Mike Slater @mfslater

C'mon Cats! Send the Leafs a-packin'!

Marty Russell @martyrussell

Got some dirty assholes on your team don't you ******* ******

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