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. @albertdoorfee

Yep bama needs Ray out to win. Always get lucky

Tommy Luciano @tpayn1

Let's roll them over Go Missouri

Brant Faatz @brantfaatz

Let's hope Mizzou has a better showing this year in the title game

Kayla Klumb @kaylaklumb

Lucky he got himself out of that ....

Edward Barfield @eddie

WTG MIZZOU for winning the Cotton Bowl !!!

Stephen Evans @igglesfan13

Great open field tackle by the ref! Lol

Stephen Evans @igglesfan13

Would have made them kick the fg but...

Stephen Evans @igglesfan13

Defense has to step up at some point

Go Pack @GoPack1265

Touchdowns by Auburn are the real buzzkill

Ryan Miner @rminer

Auburn is so damn lucky. Back to back weeks they were the luckiest team ever. Had no business beating Bama or Georgia. **** Auburn.

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