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The Tailgate

Stephen Bury @fazbury

All transfer rumours started already

Stephen Bury @fazbury

Why would Chelsea even want Lambert

Chris Parandian @mobilediner

I'm checking in for University of Albany lax vs Stony Brook on ESPNU. Watch the best lax player - Lyle Thompson - since the Gaits. 10am.

Brian Joyce @southphillyfan

What an ASS Jamies Winston is. If I am Tampa Bay, I am telling him today, "Dude, YOU are FOR SALE!!!"

Damien Murtagh @lfcfan102

The nfl draft was on the day I got married 10 years ago. Still remember my groomsmen having to be prized away from the TV for photos after the ceremony

Kerra D @kerrad

I really don't want Montreal in the Eastern final!

Pete Garvey @pgarvey

Bolton won't win this there not use to playin in front of a crowd

James Crossley @jcrossley

Think our aim today is to slap Chelsea so hard Cesc cries and begs us to let him come back

Jimbo @5jr

The Rugby League section of Sports Yapper needs updating. Its still last seasons Super League teams. Maybe even add the Championship teams? And add the NRL teams? Maybe even add a general Rugby League chat page?

Marc Smyth..JFT96... @marc

Wish you ******* would stop following me!!!!!

Stephen Bury @fazbury

Smalling signs contract at United but how good is he ???

Steve King @king1882coys

Typical Liverpool fans on this site last week it was top four and FA cup in the bag now it's sack the manager and the team are sh#t get over yourselves the games not even over yet best supporters in the world ? My arse

Steve King @king1882coys

Great goal Chadli but that barnet is shocking

Kevin Ellis @kellis0

Wat the hell are West Ham doing

Fendi Palagonia @fendipalagonia

Why is this page "The Tailgate?" Was this page originally Talk Sport?

Td3 @tommyd3

Did the yanks but sports yapper

Conor Mallon @cmallon

Middlesbrough Derby Ipswich Norwich in the play offs Derby to win it

Kevin Stewart @redsoxbrit

wots hapened to the talksport tab and wot is this tailgate one

DJ Perkins @djperkins

Da *** was Britt McHenry thinking?!

Jimbo @5jr

Why is this page now called 'The Tailgate' ?

Daniel Roberts @danrob4

Wow wonder how much Chelsea are laughing watching that awesome defending by luiz. Double megs

Paul Savigar @savigar76

Once again a lot of Utd fans rambling on about Liverpool tonight.. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz

Loll Payne @lollpayne

QPR showing signs of recovering from the disarray Redknapp left behind.

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