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Vasilios @nyrangersfan

It's a ghost town in here lol

David Haughton @dailys28

Great to be looking down at Liverpool !again!

David Haughton @dailys28

@grumpymonkey goals for utd charlton. 249. Law 229 Wayne 175

David Haughton @dailys28

@grumpymonkey bob charlton says he was greatest player he seen that's something when you think of the players he's played with your a great fan Iv support utd nearly 60yrs good and bad. United the greatest

David Haughton @dailys28

Liverpool had there season last year it's all down hill now rogers being showed up now

graeme mccrorie @grez100

Come on lads one goal and ur through ur making utd look good here

Gary Ward @dorsetblue

United slower than my gran.... Don't tell Rooney

Big Sexy (George) @nscrcwby88

Too bad I'm not going to see the whole game.. Going to work soon..

Alan Graham @agraham

@bstrain11 is r8 lets smash em calling us scum there plates are gunna be in bits

Lee Greenwood @staxxx123

There has been a lot of talk about United's back four but tonight I think Olympiakos will park the bus and the pressure will be on the forwards and how Moyes plays them.

Alan Graham @agraham

This lot want to beat us but are scared stiff of who they get next M U T I D

Jason Booth @silverfox1

Not sure if we go through we might get dicked.

David Spry @david2014coys

@skajack heard about it on talksport, like twitter for football

David Antony Jones @djones

@lennox gonna be some plate smashing in the Moyes household tonight!!!!

David Spry @david2014coys

Fergie's the greatest manager ever, that I'll agree, but Moyes is negative in his approach and doesn't have the respect of the players , how can you say to the players ahead of a home game against Liverpool 'well we're the underdogs' ? Do you think fergie would ever say that?

David Spry @david2014coys

Thought Fergie knew about talent, let UTD down massively with that appointment

David Spry @david2014coys

United have no chance tonight. Moyes couldn't run a bath. Why would you hire a manager with a record of mediocrity and 0 trophies?

Nolan @nonk

@cmurphy1204 Colin is that you I am Nolan gallagher

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