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Maniax @maniax

Still not at em i see

Fenway LFC @fenwaylfc

Definitely won't lose it

Fenway LFC @fenwaylfc

Think Basel will win this match

Pash @maniax

Rollin... Rollin...

Sameer El-Sebai @selsebai

Is fallaini playing right wing???? Wtf

Conor Mallon @cmallon

Rodgers has been unlucky in the market ?

Arjo Singh @cant0na07

How come itv didn't discuss the sterling dive for stevie me me me's free kick

Conor Mallon @cmallon

Don't think Rodgers should be sacked

Mark @markdarlo69

Bye bye dippers! Clueless performance... So made up!

OOHHAHHCANTONA @grumpymonkey

David Moyes is better Brenda Rodgers

Paul @addy76

Unlucky for Thursday night football 😕

John Garlick @johngar7

On the positive side Henderson looks like the long term replacement for Gerard

Paul Hone @phone

Feel sorry for markovic was looking are best player

Leon Marsh @lmarshy

Would like to see can and Coutinho come on. Can will be good with his strength and power and Coutinho can make things happen with his through balls.

The GaalFather Yapps @miketheredmanc

What a srike and wha a fookin goal #C 'monTheBasel

The GaalFather Yapps @miketheredmanc

I love Basel........Come ooooooon Boys

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